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The Incredible Basics Of Bass Fishing

The Earth is mostly made up of water. Thus it’s no surprise that fishing remains a popular form of recreation. Our lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans are full of a variety of fish. The people who love to fish, believe it’s their purpose in life. Everything else gets in the way of fishing.

Bass fishing is at present the top freshwater sport. It’s an astounding 70% higher than any other type of fishing. Bass belong to the Serranidae family. This family of fish is large and rectangular. They do well in warm and temperate seas around the globe.

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You can also find them in the oceans. Atlantic sea bass is sluggish bottom fish. They come in around 18 inches and 6 pounds. Meanwhile, the Pacific Sea Bass are giants. Being up to 7 feet and weighing over 500 pounds!

You need to keep in mind 2 things when fishing for bass. The first is the location. And to master your technique for catching the fish based on their presentations and bait.

Fishing for bass requires a lot of knowledge. You are starting with map reading. Then how to find the bass after cold fronts. Knowing as much as you can about the water including depth and clarity. As well as seasonal patterns, temperatures and where they like to hide out.

There 2 types of maps. The first is hot spots that show where people often find fish. And the topographical maps that give you more details about the geography. Test it out first by studying the fish from shore. Then you can become more familiar with the area.

Understanding bass fish environment - where they like to eat and hide is essential to locating fish. You want to find their hangouts. If you can’t find vegetation they are at, look for drop-offs and other places they can hide.

Next, think about bait. You need both shallow and deep diving baits. Though you only need 2 colors of each. One that looks natural. And the other a bright one should be in your tackle box. These 2 extremes are enough to be effective.

The best bait is crankbait. By adjusting speed and depth with your rod and reel gives you the best chances of attracting fish.

Bass seem to enjoy the colors. Make your bait look attractive to the fish and have them come after them. Learn how to make your bait look as real as possible.

As you become more adept, you can start to bang the bait against objects in the water. But you risk getting the lure stuck.

Worms are still popular. Plastic worms still work.

Bass fishing has now become a competitive sport. Before it was only done for recreation. But the competition has encouraged the development of a lot of technology to make it easier for beginners to catch fish.

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